Each member of the Annal family has been assigned to a particular group according to their earliest known ancestor.

There are two main areas where the name Annal is known to have originated; South Ronaldsay (Orkney) and Fife. I am quite sure that the two groups are completely unrelated. I am equally sure that all the South Ronaldsay Annals are related to each other, but I have not been able to establish the relationships of the various branches before the parish registers start in the mid-to-late eighteenth century. There are therefore a number of separate groups in South Ronaldsay.

Since first identifying them, I have discovered that certain groups are related to others. I soon found out that the Liverpool and Gravesend Annals came from South Ronaldsay and I have been able to prove that the Yorkshire Annals came from Fife. There are therefore a number of missing group letters. The only significant group which I have not (so far) been able to trace back to either Orkney or Fife is the Annals of Deal in Kent.

Group A South Ronaldsay – East Side, Lythes, Mossetter, Stane, Myre etc.
Group B South Ronaldsay – Linklater, Mossetter etc.
USA; Argentina
Group C South Ronaldsay – Mossetter
Edinburgh; Canada
Group D South Ronaldsay – Sandwick
Wick – Keiss; Holm
Group E South Ronaldsay – Papley, Grimness
Gravesend; Greenwich
Group F South Ronaldsay – Papley
Aberdeen; Rossyth; Australia; USA
Group G South Ronaldsay – Grimness
Edinburgh; Goodwick (Pembrokeshire); Leicester; Melksham
USA; Canada
Group H South Ronaldsay – Holland
Oswego, NY
Group M St Andrews, Fife; Dundee; Dalry, Ayr; Kilwinning; Well, Yorkshire; Leeds; Bradford
Group P Deal, Kent
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