St Mary’s, South Ronaldsay

St Mary's, South Ronaldsay

Group A
In loving memory of Eva Margaret ROSIE of Swona Isle born 7 Aug 1915 died 8 Dec 1980 dear wife of Alexander Taylor ANNAL, J P of Stensigarth
Group B
 SRM02 Erected by John BUDGE in memory of Barbara ANNAL his mother, wife of John BUDGE who died 31 Dec 1888 aged 65 years
Also……six children
Also the above Joseph BUDGE died 19 Sep 1892 aged 70 years
Erected by Isabella ANNAL in memory of her affectionate husband John BROWN who died 20 Aug 1869 aged 73 years
Also the above Isabella ANNAL died 22 Mar 1886 aged 80 years
And two children………
 SRM04 In loving memory of Elizabeth J T ANNAL beloved wife of Robert TAIT who died 3 Jan 1931 aged 47 years
Also the above Robert TAIT who died 25 Oct 1959 aged 75 years
And their family……
 SRM05 In memory of Ann TOMISON who died 19 Mar 1886 aged 66 years
Also Peter ANNAL her husband died 6 Apr 1890 aged 86 years
Also their daughter Margaret died 19 Apr 1930 aged 78 years
 SRM06 Erected by Barbara Gray ANNAL
in memory of John CURSATOR her beloved husband who died 26 Jan 1928 aged 71 years
Also the above Barbara Gray ANNAL died 12 Jan 1941 aged 91 years
And their eldest son………
 SRM07 Erected by Isabella ANNAL
in loving memory of James ANNAL her husband who died 26 Jul 1903 aged 61 years
Also Jeannie their beloved daughter died 21 Dec 1929 aged 47 years
Also the above Isabella ANNAL died 7 Mar 1935 aged 79 years
 SRM08 Erected by Francis & Jessie GRAY
in memory of her parents Robert ANNAL who died 2 Feb 1894 aged 31 years
And Barbara SIMISON his wife died 29 Nov 1914 aged 83 years
William T ANNAL their son died 1853 aged 3 months
 SRM09 In loving memory of James H T ANNAL who died 6 Feb 1973 aged 85 years
Beloved husband of Mary B CUSITER who died 22 Dec 1979 aged 93 years
 SRM10 Erected by Helen TAYLOR
in loving memory of her husband James ANNAL who died 20 Sep 1924 aged 64 years
Also their daughters Robina who died 26 Nov 1901 aged 17 years
And Arabella wife of James MOWAT who died 27 Aug 1919 aged 24 years
And her two children who died in infancy
Also the above Helen TAYLOR who died 29 Aug 1952 in her 90th year
 SRM11 Sacred to the memory of Mary PURVES beloved wife of John ANNAL, Kammerbusk, St Margarets Hope, died 12 Mar 1941 aged 75 years
Also the above John ANNAL died 8 Aug 1950 aged 93 years
 SRM12 In loving memory of Peter ANNAL, Massater who died in Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh 14 May 1925 aged 70 years
Also his dearly beloved daughter Margaret who died in Boston, USA 18 Dec 1935 aged 44 years
Also his wife Barbara BROWN who died at Massater 22 Dec 1943 aged 81 years
Also their grandson William Eddington ANNAL who died at Hairmyres Hospital, Lanarkshire 23 Dec 1942 aged 34 years
Erected by his wife and family
 SRM13 Erected by Thomas J CUSITER in loving memory of his father James CUSITER who died at Cleat 4 Apr 1931 aged 56 years
Also his mother Wilhelmina ANNAL who died at Balfour Hospital 15 May 1951 aged 66 years
 SRM14 Erected by Jessie Sutherland Gray
in loving memory of her father Francis GRAY, Barswick died 14 Jul 1946 aged 86 years
Also her mother Jessie Sutherland ANNAL died 20 Feb 1948 aged 93 years
Group C
 SRM15 Erected by Margaret THOMSON
in memory of her beloved husband Robert ANNAL, Farmer in Mossiter who died 27 Sep 1861 aged 65 years
Also Margaret THOMSON his wife who died 9 Aug 1888 aged 86 years
 SRM16 Erected by Robert ANNAL
in memory of his two daughters Barbara who died 6 Dec 1856 aged 16 years
And Margaret who died 15 Oct 1859 aged 23 years
 SRM17 Erected by Jane ANNAL
in loving remembrance of her dear husband John MATCHES, Ossquoy wd 21 Mar 1939 aged 60 years
Also two children…….
Also the above Jane ANNAL who died 27 Aug 1969 aged 91 years
Also one son…….
 SRM18 In loving memory of Robert ANNAL, Massater husband of Jane STEWART who died 2 Feb 1929 aged 86 years
Also the above Jane STEWART who died 3 Jun 1930 aged 79 years
 SRM19 Erected by Robert and Jessie ANNAL
in loving memory of Arabella their daughter born 29 Sep 1914 died 9 Sep 1925
Also Jessie Jane born 12 Nov 1912 died 5 Aug 1931
Also the above Robert ANNAL, Massater who died 18 Nov 1972 aged 91 years
Also his wife Jessie S GRAY who died 25 Apr 1973 aged 87 years
In memory of Peter ANNEL who departed this life 2 Nov 1814 aged 65 years
Also of Margaret WISHARD his spouse who died 26 Apr 1809 (?) aged 61 years
This stone is erected by Margaret ANNEL in (Mossater)………… ………..memory of………affection…….and loving Father & Mother


Group H
 SRM21 In loving remembrance of Donald D STEWART who died at Holland 24 Dec 1918 aged 45 years
Also his wife Margaret D ANNAL who died at Holland 2 Dec 1942 aged 71 years
 SRM22 In loving memory of James DUNNET, Windwick who died 16 Feb 1887 aged 59 years
Also Jane ANNAL his wife died 4 Sep 1909 aged 71 years
And others……….


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