St Peter’s, South Ronaldsay

St Peter's, South Ronaldsay

Group A
 SRP01 In remembrance of my dear parents John William Thomson ANNAL 1884-1956
And Maria B NORQUOY 1893-1926
In loving memory of William ANNAL who died at Biggins 27 Dec 1915 aged 79 years
Also his wife Margaret CUMMING who died 2 Apr 1901 aged 58 years
Also their daughter Elizabeth who died 26 Mar 1948 aged 69 years
Also their son William who died 17 Mar 1950 aged 82 years
 SRP03 In loving memory of Alexander T ANNAL born 1 Jan 1868 died 3 May 1959
Also his wife Robina L LOUTTIT born 31 Dec 1879 died 12 Jan 1954
And their family:
William L died 1913
Annie M died 1915
Cecelia L died 1915 aged 6
Thomas L died 1916
Ruby L died 1917
Maggie H F died 1968 aged 57
Their great grandson James Alexander ANNAL died 12 Dec 1979
At rest
Erected by Alex T ANNAL jnr, Stensigarth
 SRP04 Erected in loving memory of Donald Johnston husband of Ellen F ANNAL who died 2 Oct 1928 aged 60 years
Also the above Ellen F ANNAL who died 15 Jan 1956 aged 84 years
In loving memory of James BICHAN who died at Head, Grimness 18 Jan 1941 aged 84 years
Also his wife Margaret C ANNAL who died at Cletts 16 Jan 1951 aged 81 years
 SRP06 Erected by Peter ANNAL In loving memory of his wife Ann CROMARTY who died 15 Feb 1865 aged 53 years
Also the above Peter ANNAL who died 8 Jan 1891 aged 92 years
Also their youngest daughter Jane T ANNAL who died 15 Aug 1914 aged 72 years
 SRP07 In loving memory of Jane CHRISTIE wife of James ANNAL, Lythes who died 5 Jul 1916 aged 64 years
Also the above James ANNAL who died 9 Jan 1921 aged 84 years
Also Mary Jane C L ANNAL their daughter died 25 Jun 1914 aged 25 years
John C ANNAL their fourth son died 1 Feb 1885 aged 1 year
 SRP08 In sacred memory of John Henry Norquay ANNAL beloved husband of Jane TAIT who was killed in France, 22 Mar 1918 aged 32 years
Also the above Jane TAIT who died in Stromness 25 Feb 1975
Also their daughters Jane Christie who died 4 Jan 1916 aged 3 months
Mary Jane who died 16 Jan 1948 aged 30 years
 SRP09 In loving memory of Mary Jane BRUCE born 13 Apr 1902 died at Lythes 10 Oct 1923
Also her husband Peter ANNAL born 13 Jan 1892 died at Lythes 6 Jun 1945
Their twin daughters born 7 Sep 1923
Annie died 12 Sep 1923
Sarah died 23 Feb 1924
 SRP10 In loving memory of Sarah Ann CALDER born at Quindrie 3 Dec 1873 died at Lythes 9 Aug 1942
Also her husband James Christie ANNAL died 6 Jul 1953 aged 74 years
 SRP11 In loving remembrance of Maggie ANNAL, Stensigar who departed this life 22 May 1889
Christina TAYLOR died 2 Oct 1913 aged 83
Wife of Peter ANNAL died 30 Dec 1923 aged 93
Their daughter Helen Petrina Flett ANNAL died 27 Jun 1960 aged 87
James Alexander ANNAL 12 Dec 1979
 SRP12 Erected by Catherine C THOMSON In loving memory of Betsy ANNAL her aunt who died 20 Feb 1922 aged 85 years Also the above Catherine C THOMSON died 15 Feb 1924 aged 45 years
 SRP13 Erected by Gilbert THOMSON in memory of Catherine C ANNAL his beloved wife who died 17 Jun 1887 aged 36 years
Also John THOMSON their son who died 12 Nov 1892 aged 17 years
The above Gilbert THOMSON died 30 Oct 1926 aged 76 years
Erected by Isabella ANNAL in memory of John NORQUAY her husband, Farmer, Crook, East Side born 2 Feb 1819 died 26 Aug 1899
Also James Annal NORQUAY their son born 21 Sep 1862 died 29 Oct 1905
Also the above Isabella ANNAL died 28 Dec 1913 aged 78 years
Also their son Alexander died 29 Dec 1942 aged 74 years
 SRP15 In loving memory of Robert NORQUAY dearly loved husband of Juliet Ann ANNAL who died 18 Dec 1954 aged 63 years
Also the above Juliet Ann ANNAL who died 18 Apr 1983 aged 88 years
Group B
In loving memory of John ANNAL who died in Kirkwall 22 Mar 1961 aged 72 years
Beloved husband of Maggie Jane LOUTTIT who died 10 Feb 1983 aged 90 years
In loving memory of our dear son John M GUNN (RNVR) lost at sea 21 Jun 1940 aged 20 years
Also his father John Mowat GUNN died 12 Jul 1962 aged 71 years
Beloved husband of Mary E ANNAL died 10 Jan 1984 aged 90 years
 SRP18 In loving memory of William ANNAL of East Massater who died 6 May 1963 aged 64 years
Beloved husband of Isabella Budge BRUCE who died 22 Nov 1980 aged 75 years
In loving memory of William DUNNET, Cletts 1924-1982 beloved husband of Annie Isobel ANNAL
In memory of James ESSON who died 18 Nov 1889 aged 80 years
Also his children who died as follows
John died 1840 aged 1 month
Eliza died 1853 aged 3 years
Lizzie died 1853 aged 5 years
Also his wife Catherine G ANNAL died 18 May 1901 aged 90 years
Erected by William & Catherine GRAY
In loving memory of Maggie L S GRAY their daughter who died 5 Jun 1889 aged 18 years. A loving kind and obedient daughter
William GRAY died at Hestily 19 Jul 1906 aged 78 years
His wife Catherine ANNAL died at Massater 25 Jan 1913 aged 79 years
 SRP22 ANNAL – Treasured memories of James William (Billy) who passed away 5 July 1996 Aged 75 years son of John and Maggie Jane of Serrigair
Group C
In loving memory of Magnus S NORQUAY died 10 May 1890 aged 46 years ………
also his wife and six sons………..
Also James NORQUAY beloved husband of Margaret A E ANNAL died 26 Nov 1944 aged 72 years
Also the above Margaret A E ANNAL died 29 Nov 1950 aged 75 years
In loving memory of Jannet ANNAL wife of William WARDS who died 5 Aug 1910 aged 73 years
Also the above William WARDS who died 22 Nov 1912 aged 79 years
Also their son James WARDS who died 25 Sep 1932 aged 59 years
Also his wife Catherine M BUDGE who died 18 Apr 1974 aged 89 years
Group D
To the memory of John ANNAL who departed this life 14 Apr 1826 aged 75 years
And also of Janet FUBISTER his wife who died 8 May 1838 aged 80 years
In memory of Alexander CROMARTY who died 28 Jul 1904 aged 51 years
Also Margaret ANNAL his wife died 1 Aug 1929 aged 76 years ……..children
 SRP27 In loving memory of Agnes Duncan COGLE dearly beloved wife of James ANNAL, Hallbreck who died 7 Nov 1940 aged 83 years
Also the above James ANNAL who died 22 Nov 1947 aged 90 years
And their son John C ANNAL OBE Retired Chief Engineer who died 23 Feb 1953 aged 66 years
Their daughter Barbara ANNAL who died 10 Jul 1963 aged 75 years
Their daughter Jessie C ANNAL who died 16 Nov 1979 aged 84 years
Erected by Helen F LOUTTIT in memory of her uncle William F ANNAL who died at Vencilly 13 Jan 1900 aged 78 years
In loving memory of John ANNAL late farmer, Farewell born 7 Nov 1821 died 27 Jan 1892
Also his wife Barbara ODDIE died 15 Dec 1908 aged 80 years
Also their son Thomas, Marine engineer died 2 Oct 1911 aged 44 years
And their son William died 14 Jan 1939 aged 79 years
Their son John, Retired chief engineer died 20 Dec 1943 aged 89 years
Group E
In memory of Margaret R ANNAL who was espoused to Robert H ROBERTSON, Farmer, Guthra born 1 Nov 1804 died 21 Apr 1877
In loving memory of James DASS who died 20 Oct 1887 aged 74 years
Also Helen ANNAL his wife who died .. Mar 1892 aged 80 years
And of their sons………
In memory of Robert H ROBERTSON, Grutha born 8 Jun 1803 died 6 Nov 1885
Also Margaret R ANNAL his wife born 1 Nov 1804 died 21 Apr 1877
Also George their fourth son born 8 Jan 1841 died in Hamilton C W 12 May 1882
Group G
Erected by Daniel BURGESS in memory of his wife Elizabeth ANNAL who died 7 Oct 1880 aged 23 years
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